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Pharma API Intermediates | Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Suppliers

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients forms a Crucial part of Manufacturing drugs of all kinds that cater to Global Markets Everywhere. We source these Products only from Approved & Qualified Manufacturers.

Carmustine 154-93-8 Antineoplastic/Anti-Cancer
Cyclophosphamide Monohydrate
(sterile power)
6055-19-2 Antineoplastic/Anti-Cancer
(As Sulphate)
7554-65-6 Antidote
Fosaprepitant Dimeglumine 265121-04-8 Anti-emetic
Penicillamine 52-67-5 Anti-rheumatic
Colesevelam Hydrochloride 182815-43-6 Cardiovascular
Trientine Hydrochloride USP 38260-01-4 Heavy Metal Chelator
Sevelamer Carbonate 845273-93-0 Phosphate binders
Nicotine Polacrilex 96055-45-7 Smoking deterrents
Bendamustine Hydrochloride 3543-75-7 Antineoplastic/Anticancer
Cyclophosphamide  Monohydrate 50-18-0 Antineoplastic/Anticancer
Melphalan Hydrochloride 3223-07-2 Antineoplastic/Anticancer
Melphalan Free Base 148-82-3 Antineoplastic/Anticancer
Colestipol Hydrochloride 37296-80-3 Cardiovascular
Hydrazaline Hydrochloride USP 304-20-1 Cardiovascular
Nicardipine Hydrochloride USP 54527-84-3 Cardiovascular
Phenoxybenzamine HCl USP 63-92-3 Cardiovascular
Sevelamer Hydrochloride 152751-57-0 Phosphate binders
Sucroferric Oxyhydroxide 12134-57-5 Phosphate binders
Ropivacaine Hydrochloride 132112-35-7 Anesthetic
Ropivacaine Base 84057-95-4 Anesthetic
Phytonadione (Vitamin K1) 84-80-0 Coagulant
Iron Sucrose Complex USP 8047-67-4 Supplement therapy
Sodium Ferric Gluconate Complex 34089-81-1 Supplement therapy
Benztropine Mesylate USP 132-17-2 Anti-Parkinsonian
Argatroban USP 141396-28-3 Anti-Coagulant
Asenapine Maleate 85650-56-2 Anti-Psychotic
Fomepizole Sulfate Antidote
Entecavir 142217-69-4 Anti-Viral
Taurolidine 19388-87-5 Anti-Bacterial
Fosaprepitant Dimeglumine 265721-04-8 Anti-Emetic
Azithromycin 117772-70-0 Antibiotic
Alpha keto Valine Calcium Salt (Calcium-3-methyl-2-oxobutyrate) 51828-94-5
Alpha Keto Phenyl Alanine Calcium Salt (Calcium-2-Oxo-3-phenyl propionate) 51828-93-4
Alpha Keto Isoleucine Calcium Salt (Calcium-3-methyl-2-oxovalerate) 66396-67-7
Alpha Keto Leucine Calcium salt (Calcium-4-methyl-2-oxovalerate) 51828-95-6
DL-Alpha Keto Hydroxy methionine Calcium Salt (Calcium-DL-2-hydroxy-4-methylthio)butyrate 4857-44-7
Nebivolol Hydrochoride 152520-56-4

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