Our Services

Sohllvi Exports offers various pharmaceutical services in Vadodara, Gujarat. We are the pharmaceutical products suppliers’ to undertake long-term contracts for API, Intermediates & other specialty chemicals as per your requirements. We help our clients in manifold ways, in assisting them in production processes or determining production routes which could increase efficiency and savings in cost & time. Efficiency-cost & time savings and long-term growth for clients remains our top priority as we negotiate prices for much needed raw materials for manufacturing purposes.

As a Pharmaceuticals Dealers in Vadodara, we deal in API, Intermediates, and specialty Chemicals which are important components in the manufacture of pharmaceutical drugs. We cater to have a sharp focus on giving value added services to our customers cost-effectively. Once we are done with it, our next task is to transport the materials to production centers. Our logistical services conform to the set standards of safe transportation of pharmaceutical materials, without exposure to environment or contamination. In short, our pharmaceutical services cover every aspect of price quote till delivery of ingredients for production processes.

Looking for Pharmaceutical Services in Vadodara? Sohllvi Exports provides the best products that are important for the manufacturers in the pharmaceutical market. For more information Contact us or call us now on 7698885965 for your Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Pharmaceutical Intermediates, and all Pharmaceutical Speciality Chemicals products requirements. We are happy to assist you at any time.

Method Development

Manufacturing & production has to conform to strict standards of Pharmacopeia rules and regulations as set down by Govt commissions and authority.

Sourcing Medicines

If you are in a need of a life saving drug,tablets, injections you can contact us, we will source those medicines and deliver to your doorsteps.

Contract Manufacturing

We manufacture various kinds of lifesaving medicines in our facility that conforms to the highest Pharmacopeia standards available in India and abroad.