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Company Overview

Sohllvi Exports is among premier Pharmaceutical API, Intermediate & Impurities Suppliers in Vadodara. We bring together various buyers and sellers in the pharmaceutical market. Usually, other dealers and exporters of Pharma API & Intermediates tend to act as B2B portals with static prices. We, on the other hand, connect partners. We negotiate on behalf of our clients to get the products they want at the rates they expect.

In this age of online transactions, a typical, digital, B2B market conceals many realities underlying pricing & transportation. As a Pharmaceutical API, Intermediate & Impurities Suppliers in Vadodara, Sohllvi Exports provides the best Pharmaceuticals products that are important for the manufacturers in the pharmaceuticals market. We also supply useful medical products, organic as well as inorganic, that have a minor yet important role in pharmacy. There are many others face such as challenges: the physical reality of transportation and logistics, the fluctuating supply, and demand which affects prices and more importantly the unrealistic expectations of buyers and sellers. Behind the prices, one sees on web portals, lie such variables as described above. The prices, marked up with expectations, are usually not in conformance with recent market realities and increasing market competition.

More than just negotiations, Sohllvi Exports also surveys pharmaceutical markets to find out what kind of products to expect, how it is different from others and what other options can be kept on the table. More than just an intermediary, we drive the value of our client’s business on the top with a keen understanding of price, negotiation and market dynamics. We’ve worked with these to the favor of our clients and will continue to do so for years to come.

Give us a call at +91-7698885965 or Email us info@sohllviexports.com or fill up the Contact us form in our website. We will get back to you at the earliest and set up a meeting to discuss on what you require and when.